Winning the power necessary to reshape society into a more just and democratic vision will require the mass participation of working-class people acting in their own interests. To this end, the ultimate goal of many within DSA is to build a democratic member-led working-class political party. RVDSA’s Electoral Standing Committee works to build our chapter so that we can master all of the functions and responsibilities of a party independent of the influence of the Democratic Party establishment and capitalist class. The capacities we seek to develop include recruiting and running socialist candidates on a unified political platform; training campaign organizers and legislative staffers; providing access to financial resources; crafting working-class policy to be introduced in government; and organizing members and voters to support not just candidates, but also fight for reforms around immediate material demands.

Political Education 

Political education is a crucial task for all socialist organizers, and it is part of what distinguishes DSA’s work from that of other types of political organizations. It is an ongoing project that allows new members to develop their understanding of socialist and Marxist theory, while also fostering the continued political and practical development of current members. We view political education as a tool for DSA members to grow our ranks and foster deeper ties with the working class. We also view it as a necessary and vital means of clarifying our own understanding of the ways in which social and economic exploitation, racism, sexism, bigotry, imperialism, and oppression are inextricably linked to capitalism. Lastly, political education allows us to better articulate what we are fighting for: a post-capitalist, socialist society free of oppression–one built on human needs, rather than the accumulation of profit. 

The Political Education Working Group organizes educational workshops and discussions about socialist theory, current political events and movements, as well as the strategies and tactics of DSA and socialist and working class movements. This means organizing and leading reading groups for members, socialist night schools, and public-facing educational events. It also means developing educational material, organizing workshops, and leading discussions with general membership at our monthly meetings. The Political Education Working Group will be open to all members of the RVDSA chapter, and it will be accountable to them. Our members will organize events and curriculum based on chapter members’ suggestions, theoretical and practical needs, as well as current global, national, and local socio-political events.


The Ecosocialist Standing Committee seeks to build a socialist future that is free from oppressive capitalist and colonialist systems of exploitation that harm human health and the continued existence of the ecosystems upon which all life depends. Green capitalism will not solve current or future environmental crises, we must put people and planet over profit. Our current projects include the fight against the Eversource Pipeline in Springfield, and organizing monthly Hikes with Comrades.


The River Valley DSA Labor Standing Committee supports labor struggles in our valley and beyond. We believe building workers’ power is essential to fighting for a just, socialist society. Our projects have included: picket line and union drive support; helping to build the Labor Notes Troublemakers School for labor activists across Western Massachusetts; supporting RVDSA members in organizing rank and file networks for powerful member-driven, bottom-up unions; fighting for grassroots ballot measures like the Fair Share Amendment and Gig Workers Rights; convening cross-industry public education forums on current labor struggles in the Valley; and more! We have strong connections with the Western Massachusetts Labor Federation and many of our members are respected organizers in their unions. We also work with other labor activists from around the state, coordinating our efforts in the Massachusetts DSA Labor Committee. The Labor Standing Committee includes workers, rank-and-file union members, labor educators, and labor activists who are committed to building a powerful workers’ movement that has the capacity to take on capitalism.