National Day of Action to Abolish ICE/CBP and #CloseTheCamps


Pioneer Valley Democratic Socialists of America is proud to stand in solidarity with immigrants and working people, in the Valley and across the country, by joining the National Day of Action on Friday, July 12th.

Alongside the Pioneer Valley Workers Center, Massachusetts Jobs with Justice, Lights for Liberty, and many others, we call for:

  • A moratorium on all deportations and an end to the nationwide campaign of terror targeting communities of color and immigrant workers,
  • The immediate and total closure of the cruel detention camps on our southern border,
  • The abolition of the corrupt and criminal agencies ICE and CBP, and the prosecution of all those members responsible for carrying out unlawful and immoral activities.

To these ends, we call on our members, democratic socialists of all stripes, and every person of good faith and conscience to come join us at the Franklin County Jail and Detention Center in Greenfield to make it known that we will not tolerate these atrocities being committed in our name: we will not look away while families are torn apart and children are tortured, and we will not stand idly by allowing history to repeat itself.

When: Friday, July 12th, 5:30-7:30pm

Where: 160 Elm Street, Greenfield

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